He who practices Yoga and Dhyana without renunciation would prove waste like planting seeds in unfertile earth. Therefore aspirants should practice with all sincerity.

Vimalananda Giri Swami

As per the will of Malayalaswami registered on 24th April 1962, Krishna Charan, a boy disciple of Malayalaswami who prosecuted advanced studies in Benares, became the pithadhipathi (the Head of the Order) of Sri Vyasashram in 1962. Soon after becoming pithadhipathi, he took renunciation under the name of Sri Vimalanandaswami and served the ashram until his death in January 1973. He was verily described as a personification of 'Guru Bhakti' - devotion to Sri Malayalaswami. He authored 'Sri Malayala Sadguru Suprabhatam', Naa Gurudevudu' (My Master), Devi Strotrani, Sri Malayalaswamulavari mahimashtotramu and other books. He was responsible for the construction of the magnificent and prestigious 'Adhisthana Mandiram' in which the marble statue of Sri Malayalaswami was installed in 1972.