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Kanya Gurukul

Kanya gurukulam school was started in 1956 by Sri Malayala Swamiji of Sri Vyasa Ashram the main aim is to educate the girls, and Women in sanscrit.Sanscrit is the main language. education is necessary to all people "Vidya Tapobyam Pootatma" means that man will be purified by the education and tapasya that means saadhana. In early years swamiji used to teach lessons in sanscrit to the students here importance will be given to the education and morals to lead a happy life. To teach sanscrit there is no difference of caste,creed or sex, the school starts from 4th class to the 10Th class with state syllabus.

The main importance will be given to the orphans and the poor .Hostel and meals will be provided to all the students. After the school education they can learn sanscrit telugu,Maths, Science or Computers like other people.

Students getup early in the morning and spend sometime with prayers collecting flowers making garlands, clean surroundings and do thier class work. The main slogan is " There is no place to lazy people on earth".so the students do thir alloted work and learn different subjects. They respect elders and teachers.

Since forty years students from this school settled in different fields like proffessors lecturers,scholars,writers teachers and engineers good and responsible house wives . Now the strength of the school is 360 girls and 145 boys the pass percentage of SSCpublic examinations 86%. Sri Vidyananda giri Swamiji were taking special intrest to enlighten the students like this Sri Vyasa Ashram is doing service to the society those who are orphans and poor

Those who get Ist and IInd ranks is SSC examinations the Ashram is giving financial support to go for higher studies.