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Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

On the eve of completion of 75 years from the year of inception of Sri Vyasashram, the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be held at Sri Vyasashram from 9th March 2001 (Phalguna Poornima) for a period of five days. A galaxy of Pundits, including Heads of Monasteries, Pithadhipathis, Heads of Mutts and preachers will attend from all over India and abroad. Around 50 thousand devotees are expected to visit during these celebrations. A large number of dignitaries from the Government such as, the Governor and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Ministers, M.L.A.s and District Collector and other Officers will be gracing the celebrations.

Apart from an ambitious building programme, the construction of the Platinum Jubilee Memorial Building with three storeys at a cost of over Rs. 45 lakhs has been taken up on the eve of these celebrations. A pictorial exhibition of the life of Malayalaswami right from his childhood, consisting of paintings, photographs, statues, events, teachings etc. and a library containing various spiritual books published by Sri Vyasashram and other organisations in the country in Telugu, English, Sanskrit and other languages will be housed in the building.

The second important work taken up is to publish the complete works of Malayalaswami, "Sri Malayala Sadguru Granthavali" (Edited by Sri Samudrala Lakshmanaiah) running for around 10,000 pages in 20 volumes. The contents of this book are as follows.

  1. Sushkavedantha Thamobhaskaram Vol.
  2. Swabhoda Sudhakaram Vol.
  3. Omkaramu Vol.
  4. Dharmasethuvu Vol.
  5. Prasnothara Manikyamala & Bhavasuddhiye Jnanasuddhi Vol.
  6. Srivari Gita Vol.
  7. Balayogini Vol.
  8. Lokoddharakamu Vol.
  9. Eswarakrupa Vol.
  10. Katha, Mandukya Upanishathulu & Narada Bhakthisuthramulu Vol.
  11. Upadesamruthamu (4 volumes) Vol.
  12. Dharmopanyasamulu - 1st volume & 2nd volume in part Vol.
  13. Dharmopanyasamulu - 2nd volume in part & 3rd volume in part Vol.
  14. Dharmopanyasamulu - 3rd volume in part & 4th volume Vol.
  15. Dharmopanyasamulu - 5th volume Vol.
  16. Pujapancharathnamala, Dhyanamrutham, Yajnam, Karmasiddhanthamu, Prarabdhakarma,Sadhudarsnam, Vyaragyabodhoparathulu, Jeevanmukthi & Gayathrimantramu Vol.
  17. Brahmacharyamu, Grihasthasramadharmamu, Sandyasayogamu, Nirvananilayamu Vol.
  18. Gurubhakthiprabhavamu, Mahamantrithaprabhavamu, Mayanu mayamucheyuta,Suprabhodham, Sri Bhagavadgitaprabhavam, Lekhavali,Chathrumasyamahathyam Vol.
  19. Omkara Satrayagam, Sankyayogam, Gitasayamu, Pracharaprasasthyam, Yadharthabharathi chinnapottham, Pramadam Nondakudu, Samadhicheyuvidhanam Vol.
  20. Sri Malayalayathindhra Gita, Nirvighnasiddhi & Brahmavidya

The volumes are priced at Rs. 1,500. The pre-publication price of the volumes is Rs. 750 (excluding packing and forwarding charges). By sending that amount by a demand draft on or before 9th March 2000, the volumes will be despatched after 13th March 2001 by VPP. Alternatively, the volumes can be purchased at Sri Vyasashram for Rs. 1,000 between 9th and 13th March 2001.

People residing outside India can obtain these volumes by AIR MAIL at a cost of US$ 200, which covers packing and forwarding charges also.

The estimated cost of conducting the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, which includes the cost of feeding devotees for five days, is around Rs. 2 crores.

Devotees are requested to attend the celebrations and make liberal contributions for the conduct of celebrations. They are also requested to forward this information to friends and relatives for attending the celebrations and making liberal contributions. The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee has fixed the following categories of contributions from the NRI devotees all over the world.

Donor: US$100 and above Patron: Above US$250 Grand Patron: Above US$500 Benefactor: Above US$1,000 Grand Benefactor: Above US2,500 Life Time Benefactor: Above US5,000

The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee has fixed the following categories of contributions from India.

Simple Donation: Rs. 116 and above Ordinary Member: Above Rs. 1,116 Patron: Above Rs. 5,000 Raja Poshaka: Above Rs. 15,000 Maharaja Poshaka: Above Rs. 50,000 Mahadathru Member: Above Rs. 1,00,000 Chakravarthi Member: Above Rs. 5,00,000

Contributions are exempted from payment of Income Tax under Section 80-G of IT Act. Donors paying more than Rs. 50,000 or more than US$ 5,000 will receive the complete works of Malayalaswami free of cost.

All payments may be sent through ordinary or international money orders, cheques or demand drafts payable to

The Secretary Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Committee
Sri Vyasashram, AP - 517621 India