Those desiring progress should not forget their past history.

General Hospital

The Eye Bank was started by name NADIMPALLI EYE-Hospital at vyasaashram onjuly 3,2001 and it was inaugurated by Dr chitrawho is resident of Chicago and the total equipment which covers to do I.O.L microsurgery was sponsored by her. she has also donated Rs. 2lakh through a fixed deposit for meeting staff salaries. she conducted Eleven I.O.L operations on 5th july 2001 and also provided lenses and other articles for carrying on 30 more operations she is planning to visit india in the month of january 2002 to conduct operations for a week days.

Services rendered for the past 3 months
  • Total 75 I.O.L operations have been conducted and the visual outcome is 95%. We are providing food for 2 days and medicines for 1 week completely free.
  • Only 1 glaucoma, Trabeculectomy operation was carried out.
  • Four minor operations were carried out.